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Established in 2022, The Parents Guild is a volunteer organization comprised of parents of Marple Newtown drama students and alumni.  Our primary goal is to promote, support and elevate the student theatrical experiences through workshops, production enhancements and field trips.  


We focus on education and skill-development for both cast and crew.  The Parents Guild proudly sponsors the annual Murder Mystery luncheon. This fundraiser event not only provides an opportunity for the students to practice their skills in script writing and producing but showcases a different style of acting in a 'dinner theater' style venue.


The MNNYs is our end of season award show that highlights acting and technical excellence.  It welcomes the cast and crew to walk the "red carpet" and celebrate their hard work throughout the year. This event is open to the students and families of MN Drama.

The Parents Guild latest addition, Star for a Day, is designed to encourage future generations of aspiring actors and crew members. This workshop is for elementary and middle school students and is unique to any other event as the high school students, under the supervision of the staff, will lead the workshops in acting, choreography, set design, costumes, props and more. 

The Parents Guild operates solely through fundraising and volunteer efforts.  If you wish to donate or volunteer, please contact

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